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Hualian City Garden Block 1, C Type(Chinese Style)

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The sample room is adopted in Chinese style, with three main colors black, white, and yulan. The whole environment is filled with antique atmosphere, collocated with black and white marble and a brass ornament, which make the room a sense of the sedate. As well, the porch, teahouse and living room are connected with each other naturally in the space, and the designers follow the principle of the sensible and the convenient. The room uses a lot of grating and creates the typical classic style. The teahouse is decorated with old style wood tables, tea sets, white china vase with plum blossom, small pots in yulan color and Pin Greeting Guests on the stools, which are the perspectives from the ancients. People can feel the peace in such environments.

In the living room, there are marble and wood l tables and chairs; the cloth sofa is highlighted the fashion in the classical, combined with the elegant in the plain. The collection of colors, such as, the black, white, wood and yulan makes great contrast, which is brilliant but not exaggerative and shows the hosts elegant taste different from the others.

The bedroom is equipped with wood wall and wardrobe, and the big bed. The fresh flowers are set in ceramic vases, with glass gauze lantern. It creates a sense of romance and the classic, like the warm home.

The design for the bathroom shows the perfect combination of the classical and modern, additionally, the wooden floor and cyan marble look elegant and fashionable, as well practical, which not only makes the space better but also creates the better atmosphere.