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Mangrove No.1 Sales Center

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LVGEM-Mangrove Bay No.1 sales center The whole space design, the flexibility of usage on material, light, shadow, as well as space aura, all of which strongly demonstrated the zen style and a sense of serenity. The designer uses much waterscape on the entrance of the building, aiming to release the noisy of surrounding environment. As different living space bring us different live quality and living atmosphere. The unique design could help people release their pressure and get the tranquility. There is no doubt that the polished and decent landscaping is extremely brilliant. It’s showed through a mature and quiet way. The hall is linked with the negotiation area, a long table through the whole space, within is a strong sense of ritual, which has sublimated the whole space aura. So that people in the quiet area could feel be respected. The loft living style with the shadow wooden grating and White acrylic has achieved the awesome visual effect. In addition, the crystal hanging decorations and exquisite black pond have perfectly integrated. In traditional Chinese Geomancy Study, it means accumulation of fortune. In land table area, wooden element also has been adopted. Furthermore, lower the height of floor so as to the whole space is much compact, bringing the warm atmosphere for our customers. In working area, the open settlement, the comprehensive combination of recreation, relaxation, business, negotiation, which is strongly showed the designer’s Perfectionism.